Is This the Greatest Madden Glitch Ever?


Millions of gamers picked up the brand-new Madden 15 videogame last weekend. Now, gamers are starting to take notice of a few of the more unique parts of the game.

Specifically the glitches. Take a look at one of the more memorable glitches I’ve ever seen.

Tiny Linebacker



That tiny player is Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey (wearing a Tennessee Titans uniform). According to the Cleveland Browns roster, Kirksey is actually more than 6 feet tall, and weighs 235 pounds. But in “Madden 15,” Kirksey is barely 1 foot tall, and weighs little more than 2 pounds.



  1. Hey Clay? Could you maybe do a review on the new game Hyrule Warriors or at least post something involving it. Anyway…. just asking….

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