Ask What to Play On, Not What to Play

Game consoles are like theme parks. Some rides are bigger and faster, but all three parks have whatever you might want to do. That’s also how it goes with game consoles.

Duolingo App Cover

App of the Month: Duolingo 

Tired of solving puzzles and going after zombies? Want to learn skills you can use in the real world? Here’s a suggestion that is fun and challenging. Try Duolingo, a language-learning app featuring 40 languages


Little League World Series 2022

The Little League World Series 2022 videogame is now available! Pick your team, power-up your stats and knock it out of the park to become a Little League All-Star. Players can pitch, slide and play

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The Croods: A New Age Trailer and More

The Croods are all about family, which makes The Croods: A New Age the perfect movie to watch with your family and friends on Thanksgiving Day. You can expect lots of rivalry, excitement, adventure, and