High School Baseball Game Lasts 4 Days


Can you imagine spending four straight days playing baseball?

That’s what happened in the semifinals of the 59th National High School Rubber Baseball Tournament last weekend. The scoreless game spanned four days before Chukyo High School finally scored three runs in the 50th inning to beat Sotoku High School. It was, by far, the longest game in tournament history. The previous record was 25 innings.

Here’s how the game broke down:

The game was suspended in a scoreless tie after the 15th inning on Aug. 28. The extended contest continued from the 16th inning to the 30th inning on Aug. 29, and from the 31st inning to the 45th inning on Aug. 30 but was still deadlocked at 0-0. On Aug. 31, Chukyo broke the tie in the top of the 50th inning and won 3-0.

Chukyo starting pitcher Taiga Matsui threw 709 pitches in the 50 innings, pitching a complete game.

Officials say, if the game was still tied after 54 innings, the winner would have been decided in a drawing.


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