White Castle Candle

Want to enjoy the delicious scent of White Castle hamburgers any time? Now you can, with a scented candle that emits the aroma of White Castle’s specialty.

The fast food chain introduced the candles this week. The candles are being sold at White Castle restaurants and on the chain’s Web site. Proceeds go to benefit the Autism Speaks charity.


  1. I dont know about everyone else, but i dont exactly want to be constantly smelling burgers when I light a candle.

  2. What!?!
    That’s absurd. Who’d want to smell a fastfood restaurant in their home. That’s repulsing.

  3. I don’t want to be hungry every time a candle is lit, And I DO NOT want to know how they made them smell like that

  4. would like to order a few, how do I purchase or where do I purchase them from. I have been eating them from childhood and they were the only food I wanted when I had a cold or didn’t feel well, comfort food and could still taste them !

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