Captain America: The Winter Soldier

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s superhero movies, you won’t want to miss Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which will release in 2014. The movie will feature Captain America, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Falcon.



Here’s the official synopsis:

Following the events of the The Avengers, Steve Rogers struggles to adjust to the modern world and must partner with Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) to fight a powerful yet covert enemy in Washington, D.C.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014.



  1. Warning! Spoiler!
    I learned this from 2013 comic-con. The villain in “The Winter Soldier” is actually his beat friend from the first one. James “Bucky” Barnes. He was last seen, falling off the train, but he will return as “The Winter Soldier” a hired assassin, supposedly the best in the world.

    • Well the villan is called the winter solder and i knew this because of the avengers cartoons…

      Spoilers Ahead!!!!!

      In the carrtoons he is revived and works for hydra

      More Spoilers!!!!!

      and also in the carrtoons the one who revived him is red scull!!!!

  2. The first Captain America movie was 1 of the BEST movies EVER. I think this 1 will b awesome but not AS good.

  3. O.K so Potato (sorry I mean FRENCHFRY) we all saw how Bucky fell and died. Where and how do you know this?

    • Both of you are wrong Bucky was confirmed as the winter solider last year on Youtube. Your Welcome

      • @Rocket Racoon
        Well it wasn’t confirmed. It was just predicted due to the fact that that is what happens in the comics, but 2013 comic-con announced it officially.
        @Avenger Nerd
        I’m not sure how they’re going to decide how he survived the fall, but I have a guess.
        When Cap saves him from Hydra, he is strapped to a table. Maybe he was also injected with a “super-hero-serum”. Then he might have been able to survive that fall, and like Cap, was frozen in the ice for a really long time.
        One last theory: Red Skull wasn’t incinerated by the “Tesseract” cube, but acutally was transported to Asgard. There he would of course meet up with Loki. This could be part of the plot of Winter Soldier, or Avengers 2.

    • Actually, Bucky didn’t die….He was frozen in ice just like Captain America. 😀 Can’t wait for this movie!!!!!!

  4. Rocket Racoon, people all around the world post stuff on Youtube. True and faulse stuff. We all saw what good friends Bucky and Steve were. Why would they make his BF the bad guy?

    • I think it’s more likely that he isn’t a direct enemy to Cap as say Red Skull. More likely in the movie, Cap and Bucky’s goals will cross, and Cap will have to stop him.

    • You spelled false wrong, but Bucky would be the bad guy because Captain America didn’t save him.

      • sorry didn’t mean potato. I meant @Avenger Nerd: You spelled false wrong, but Bucky would be the bad guy because Captain America didn’t save him. That is what I guess would make him the bad guy.

  5. To: Potato. If Bucky was injected with “super-hero-serum” then why didn’t it show it’s self sooner? They were blowing up Hydra stuff long before he fell. About the Red Skull, I think he was disintegrated, and Loki is in jail. From what Boy’s Life says about this new movie, Cap is fighting a “covert enemy.” (Covert means hidden.) And Avengers 2 is going to have Thanos as the bad guy.

    • I highly doubt Thanos will be the villian. In the comics, Bucky Barnes becomes frozen in the ice, but is preserved do to cryogenics. Russia is able to revive him, and sends him on –>covert<– missions to assassinate certain people. They call him "The Winter Soldier".

      • Why are you thinking that it is Bucky? Cap Lived ONLY because of the serum. He slept for nearly 60 YEARS! Bucky was just a regular person, fighting with his best friend. In other words, Cap had more of a chants to live in the war than he did. And what are you thinking?! RUSSIA!?! Red Skull was German. Plus, it’s a movie. Movie people are bond to change it around.

    • We will put it up the day that it’s released. Some footage was shown at Comic Con in mid-July, but that footage hasn’t been released yet. But don’t worry, once it’s out there, I will post it.

  6. @Avenger Nerd, I think it’s bucky, because the exact same thing happens in the comic. And it ends up being Bucky. I think it’s Russia, because it being Germany wouldn’t make any sense.
    Germany was our enemy in WWII, but they aren’t anymore, plus it was Russia in the comics.
    You do have a point that movie makers like to change things, but I am almost certain that “The Winter Soldier” is Bucky.

    • I really hope that it is not. I really liked Bucky, a lot. I watched the part when he fell and he fell (I think he fell) into the river at the bottom of the cliff. So just for the record, I can not see how he lived that out. I do think that Russia will be in this movie. Natasha Romanoff is Russian.

      • Sniff, sniff, sniff, (crying) No, no, no!!!!!!: Bucky IS the bad guy! I wish it was not true!!!

  7. One of you was right red skull is transported to asgard where thanos will join with him. There was a trailer on youtube that I don’t think was real but it had bucky in it. Red Skull was in prison in odin’s trophy room.

  8. I think that the paint on his shield was scraped off because you can still see some red paint on it.

  9. OK BE QUIET!!!!!!
    Now sit and listen to papa the nintendo fan…
    In the cartoons Bucky = Winter Solder = Bad Guy
    But he turns good after a while
    he survives by being frozen by red scull multiple times and when scull needs him he hits defrost

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