You Have To See This Incredible Bike Stunt Video

Danny MacAskill is a 28-year-old Scottish cyclist, who is one of the best riders on the planet. If you’ve never seen him in action before, you’re in for a treat. The video below shows Danny riding on a course that makes it looks like he’s been miniaturized.


  1. Watch the Outtakes at the end of the video. He takes a few hard falls!!! Yes, and the song is very 80’s. WHAT DO YOU WANT, ROSE??!??!??!??!?? Sorry.

  2. In the description on “heads up” it says watch danny macaskill do some amazing “BMX” where he is doing stunt riding. The difference: he is riding a “dirt jumper” bike instead of a BMX bike. Bmx bikes dont have front suspension. Just a clarification. Im a big fan of his and an AVID biker. 🙂 The trails at Jamboree were BOSS!!

  3. Today on 100 ways to rack oneself. Also I would have really likes to see him do stunts in the TANK MLGPro. On a totally unrelated note, I like limes….

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