Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy Team


Like the Avengers before them, the Guardians of the Galaxy are Marvel’s next team of Hollywood heroes. They’re rough, tough and often heroic.

But just who are the members of this wacky bunch?

Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord


The leader of the Guardians is a master strategist and expert problem solver. As the only human in the group, he depends on a high-tech suit that gives him enhanced strength, speed and the ability to travel through space.

Arthur Sampson Douglas, aka Drax the Destroyer


Possessing superhuman strength, near invulnerability and a tough-as-nails attitude, Drax is the Guardians’ most ruthless warrior. He’s a true one-man wrecking crew.



She’s the most dangerous woman in the universe and a master of many martial arts. Gamora also has extreme speed, superhuman strength and accelerated healing abilities.



He might be small, but this half-raccoon, half-cyborg packs a mighty punch. Rocket can fight, fly and even talk. Plus, he possesses the typical abilities of a normal raccoon like enhanced senses of sight and smell.



The mightiest — and most mysterious — member of the Guardians is a tree-like being of very few words. He can regenerate himself and increase his size by absorbing wood and plant matter.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1, and it looks like an incredible spectacle of sci-fi cinema. That said, it will be rated PG-13 and isn’t for all audiences. The film’s violence and language will be comparable to The Avengers, Iron man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek at what Guardians of the Galaxy is all about.



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