Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Trailer and Review

The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is the perfect gift for the holiday season. We had a chance to try it out for ourselves and it was awesome!

Setting it up…

The setup process is pretty easy! All you need is a great wifi connection, your Switch device, and an account with the Nintendo eshop. It only took about five minutes or less to download and sync everything together.

The Course…

The game comes with either a Mario or Luigi race kart, four checkpoints, and two direction markers.  The best thing about the course is that it’s what you want it to be! Seriously, you create the course you want to race on. Just place the checkpoints wherever and however you want inside of the house. You can add in different roadblocks such as shoes to go around or a chair to drive under. And you can have as many roadblocks as you want.

Also, the Kart will react to whatever weather settings you have for the course. So, if you set it as windy, don’t be surprised if your Kart blows away as you’re turning a sharp curve.

The Game…

You can play solo or with up to three other people. However, everyone must have their own kart, Switch console and the game must be downloaded onto their device. And don’t worry, if your friends haven’t gotten their kart yet, you still won’t be alone. There’s always someone who’s ready for a good race.

Again, if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift or just want something to play during your free time, The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is just for you!

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