Want a Sub?

And we’re not talking sandwiches. The Ego Compact Semi Submarine is a submersible sea craft that will soon be available to the public.


Made by a South Korean company, the Ego Compact is called a “semi submarine” because the entire craft does not go below water. It’s more like “a pontoon boat with a transparent waterproof compartment hanging from its middle.” Translation: The top part bobs on the water’s surface, while passengers in the bottom are given a spectacular view of what’s going on beneath the surface.


Batteries will propel the Ego Compact at cruising speed for eight hours and top speed for four hours.


Interested in a sub with a little more punch? Check out our July 1996 story on what was then the U.S. Navy’s newest submarine — the U.S.S. Seawolf. Click here to read it all.


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