Top 5 Merit Badges Superman Would Have No Trouble Earning

They call him the “Big Blue Boy Scout,” so it’s no stretch to imagine the Man of Steel earning merit badges.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share the top five merit badges Superman would have no trouble earning.

Here’s Superman’s list. Disagree? Have a better one? Sound off in the comments. (What about Batman? I’ve got that list right here.)


As someone who is “more powerful than a locomotive,” Superman seems a natural fit for the Railroading merit badge, which teaches Scouts all about trains and the modern railroad industry.


Super speed and super strength make the Athletics merit badge almost too easy for Superman. He’s “faster than a speeding bullet,” so imagine the shock on the merit badge counselor’s face when Superman posts a world record time in the 5K run.

The only trouble: Once you’re out-of-this-world fast, it’s tough to “show improvement over a three-month period” as Scouts who earn this one must do. How do you go faster than fast?

space_exploration_smSpace Exploration

Hailing from the planet Krypton, Superman knows a thing or two about the topics covered in the Space Exploration merit badge. He’s been there. Literally.

Scouts who earn this one design and draw an inhabited base on another world, another requirement that wouldn’t tax Superman’s imagination.


Hello, X-ray vision. Superman’s ability to see through rock and dirt pretty much ensures he’d be your go-to guy at an archaeological site — a place visited by Scouts who earn the Archaeology merit badge.

No blindly digging around for this red-and-blue hero. He’ll tell you exactly where to dig and what you’ll find there.

personal_management_smPersonal Management

Superman would surely scoff at the idea of this requirement in the Personal Management merit badge: “Demonstrate to your merit badge counselor your understanding of time management.”

The best way to maximize time, he might tell the counselor, is to fly around the earth fast enough that it starts spinning in the opposite direction, thereby reversing time.

Yeah, he’d be that guy.

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