Shipwreck Treasure Found

ship.jpgA 15th-century ship has been found off the coast of South Africa. It’s filled with gold coins, copper ingots, elephant tusks and cannons to fend of pirates.

The mysterious ship was not found intact. Beaten by the surf, the wreckage was strewn about a coastal area. The discoverers are trying to piece together the story of this ship, which probably went down in stormy weather about the same time Columbus was reaching the Americas.

Judging by the Spanish and Portuguese coins, as well as signs that worms were working on the ships hull, indications are that it was an older vessel sent by a European ruler to trade for ivory. The artifacts will be studied further, as experts try to uncover the ships identity.

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  1. the ship is probably a british war ship from the revolutionairy war. britain did controll africa back then……didn’t they?????????????????

  2. i wonder if they’ll be giving away free sample including cannons. i think the ship is probably spanish or maybe dutch but it would be cool to find out.

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