Rare Batman comic found in attic

batman-200×148.jpgA rare 1939 comic book worth $250,000 was recently found in an attic in western Pennsylvania.

The near-mint copy of Detective Comics #27 is considered one of the most valuable comics in existence because it features the worldwide debut of Batman. Experts say a mint copy would be worth over $500,000.

Collector Todd McDevitt bought the comic from a person who found it in the attic and wondered if it might be valuable. He won’t say how much he paid, but McDevitt says he has been saving money for 20 years so he could buy a valuable comic when it appeared.

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  1. I prefer to save my money for much more practical things like say, a laptop. It seems silly to me that things have great value just because their rare.

  2. unless I was addicted to collecting old, rare stuff, I would probably look at it and say “it’s yours, you do whatever w/ it”

  3. People actually SPEND hundreds of thousands of dollars on a comic book? I can get them for a dollar or two from any 7-11 or something!

  4. So awesome! If I found something like that…wow! I wouldn’t sell it, though. I would keep it for a long time, then pass it down to the next generation…

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