New Spaceship

Virgin Atlantic unveiled the first commercial passenger spaceship Monday in California’s Mojave Desert. The spacecraft, called SpaceShipTwo, is about the size of a minivan and should be ferrying tourists out of our atmosphere and into space in two to three years.

A twin-hulled aircraft called Eve would lift SpaceShipTwo to a height of 60,000 feet before releasing it. Then SpaceShipTwo’s own rockets would power the ship into space.


  1. I hear Hollywood wanting wanting to make money and making a film about something horribley wrong that might happen.

  2. cool, this is really intresting how technology is advancing so
    rapidly. espescially since this spaceship is going to put tourists in SPACE!!!!!
    Also in the picture, you can see the unique single double
    tipped wing.
    And it’s also intresting how it carries 3 separate seating cabins
    (place where you sit and enjoy the flight on a regular airplane)

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