Stuck to Pole

Do not try this at home: A young boy’s tongue froze this morning when he stuck it to a metal fence post. The incident, which took place in Boise, Idaho, mirrors a scene in the holiday film “A Christmas Story.”

A woman driving by saw the boy and called 9-1-1. Firefighters used a warm glass of water to unfreeze the tongue, which was bleeding slightly. The boy felt good enough to continue his walk to school.


  1. well, duh, put hot water on it! my sisters best friend tore off part of her tongue on a Popsicle she didn’t breath on to warm up!

  2. Actually just yesterday my hand was damp and it was so cold outside it stuck to the doorhandle, I got it off but it feels a bit raw. You can also do this with a really cold popsicle, this way you don’t have to call 911

  3. I went over to my aunts house aand my we were getting our tonngues stuck to the freezer.They had to coax me for a LONG time before I did it.I could take it off easily though.It wasnt THAT cold.

  4. I’ve also seen the movie “A Christmas Story”. It does mirror it alot like GrassRuler888 said. I’ve never had this happen to me but I can describe a similar instance. If you grad some ice with a moist hand it gets stuck. It’s pretty weird.

  5. lol usually they don’t put events like this on. People stick their tongues to poles every year, but this is the first case i’ve seen this year.

  6. City people are such babys. You don’t call 911 for every little thing that happens. What, some person couldn’t get a warm glass off water. People get the tongue stuck to poles everyday. You don’t make a big deal out of every little thing.

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