Mysterious Mandarin Duck Appears in NYC’s Central Park

Thousands of birders flocked to New York’s Central Park last week to catch a rare glimpse of a Mandarin duck, a beautiful bird usually found in Asia.

Why is it so cool? For starters, it has a multicolored mohawk, fringed orange feathers and a flashy hot pink bill. Plus, a dark purple chest and emerald green forehead. But looks aside, the real reason people are so excited is that no one knows how the duck ended up in New York.

But there are a few theories. It could have escaped from a local zoo, fled captivity, or have been dumped him in the park. According to The New York Times, only one of those has been ruled out — it did not come from any of New York’s four major zoos.

With the mystery still unsolved, where do you think the duck came from? Sound off in the comments below.

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