Meet the Winners of the 141st Westminster Dog Show

More than 3,000 canines strutted their stuff New York City’s Madison Square Garden earlier this week, all vying for the title of Best In Show. But it was Rumor, a German shepherd, who took the prize.

Rumor, who won the Herding Group earlier in the show, beat out thousands of other canines from 202 breeds. Adrian the Irish Setter was runner-up, with Chuckie the Pekingese, Astin the miniature poodle, Duffy the Norwegian elkhound, Devlin the Boxer and Tanner the Norwich terrier rounding out the rest of the Best in Show pack. Scroll down to see some of the other award-winning dogs at the Westminster Dog Show.

Rumor the German shepherd — winner of the Herding Group

Preston the Puli — winner of the Herding Group

Adrian the Irish Setter — Westminster Runner-up and Sporting Category Winner

Chuckie the Pekingese — Winner of the Toy Group

Nigel the Norwich Terrier — Winner of the Terrier Category

Aftin the miniature poodle — Winner of the Non-sporting Category

Duffy the Norwegian Elkhound — Winner of the Hound Group

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