See How They Transform NBA Courts Into NHL Rinks

We’re right in the middle of the NBA and NHL seasons. Have you ever wondered how an NBA basketball court is transformed into an NHL hockey rink? The process is fascinating, taking hundreds of workers hours and hours to complete.

The best example comes from Los Angeles’ Staples Center in early May 2012. Two L.A. basketball teams and its hockey team all made the playoffs at once, requiring six games in just four days. Amazingly, the Staples Center went from an Kings’ hockey rink to a Lakers’ basketball court to a Clippers’ basketball court and back in four days.

The transformation time can take anywhere from 90 minutes to an entire day. Check out the process in a super high-speed video that shows the entire process.


  1. Clay, where do you guys get all of these? Do you have, like, sources that travel around the globe, sniffing up what they can?

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