Summer 2024 Videogames: Disney Speedstorm, Eiyuden Chronicle and More!

By Steven Kent


Exciting news! Disney Speedstorm (Gameloft for iOS) is making its way to iPhones this July, offering an arcade racing experience inspired by Disney and Pixar movies. With six seasons to explore, including the latest “Under the Sea” themed after The Little Mermaid, players can master each character’s skills to dominate races against friends and family.

It’s already a hit on PC and consoles; get ready to drift into your phone’s ultimate hero-based racing game.


An epic fantasy story with monsters, magic and armies, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (505 Games FOR PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC) is a game for gamers.

Choose your hero. Build your army. Everyone you meet has unique abilities and goals. The opportunities are endless. You’ll have people to meet, a town to build, wars to win and magic to master.


Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure in which ordinary people become extraordinary heroes!

ChronoDojo (StarCouch Studio for Steam) offers a refreshing twist on the typical superhero narrative. Here, everyday workers like nurses, gardeners and cooks become the heroes, building tower defenses, battling villains and traveling through time to combat evil. It’s a unique blend of Bloons Tower Defense and Maple Story, offering solo and multiplayer modes in which players can team up to save the world.


Experience intense high-speed action in EigenGauge (Chris Hodge for iOS, Steam) a retro racing adventure set in a diverse star system. Master various abilities, choose from six vehicles, and compete in challenging races to unlock new adventures and emerge victorious.


Everybody knows Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam, but do you know about these?

Samsung TVs now have a Gaming Hub feature that lets you stream vast libraries of games. You won’t need a console or a PC, just Wi-Fi and a controller.

If you like retro, Evercade EXP is a handheld game system worth trying. It features arcade games, old computer games and Atari classics — all beautifully brought back to life.

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