1. i am going to be the headless horse man without the horse

    the the special part of the costume is that its home made

  2. do you know how the Grim Reaper and Scream always have black robes well I’m being one of them (I don’t really know wich but I’m think the grim reaper) except with a white robe

  3. im a ninja i have a plastic mask a hood and my freind ninja 2 his is just as cool as mine 8) my dad is going as davy croccket or himself my brother is batman my mom is little red riding hood 😮 😯 have fun everyone 😉 🙂 😀 😛 :mrgreen: 😆 lol

  4. I was Frankenstein. Mom did my makeup with green face and stitches. I even painted my fingernails black. People liked the make up a lot.

  5. I was a rich jamicen hippy. I wore a mexican hat that has long hair growing out of. A hiipy shirt. And a gold glasses with a bling neklace.

  6. I made a ghostbusters costume out of a cardboard box spraypainted black with tubes protruding from the sides. it was Awesome

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