What Are the Weirdest Shoes Ever Made?

Earlier this week, Adidas dropped a custom pair of pizza-inspired shoes. They literally look like someone dropped a slice of pizza on a normal pair of sneakers.

They got me thinking about other odd shoes in history. Trust me, there’s a lot. Here’s some of the weirdest I could find.

Foot Gloves

You may have seen these goofy kicks around your buddies. They’re basically gloves for your feet. They look a little creepy, but they’re actually very comfortable and even sometimes used by endurance athletes.

Bread Shoes

Yes, these are real. It doesn’t look like they’re available in actual stores, but lots of people have made DIY pairs of these comfy slippers from loaves of bread. Sure, they wouldn’t last long, but they actually look very comfortable.

Grass Sandals

You know that wonderful feeling of walking barefoot through your yard? With these flip-flops, you can have that feeling no matter where you go. The design has been around for decades, and they’re usually made with synthetic grass.

Fish Shoes

At first glance, these look pretty gross. Actually … they do on second and third glance, too. This sandal/slipper combo is truly a shoe that only fishermen and sushi aficionados and could love.

Adidas Kobe II Shoes

Basketball sneakers are usually some of the coolest on the market. These Kobe Bryant signature sneakers didn’t quite live up the hype of typical basketball shoe. With a weird toe grill, boxy shape and seemingly uncomfortable sole, they now considered some of the worst shoes in basketball history.

Back to the Future Shoes

I think we can all agree that these weird sneakers are actually pretty cool. Sure, they look a little goofy, but they are kind of magical. Inspired by the kicks in the Back to the Future movie, these sneakers can be laced without you even touching them thanks to space-age self-lacing technology. Here’s a scene from the movie, showing what these Nikes can do:

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