Town Goes Cuss-Free

pasadena.jpgCurse words are not welcome this week in South Pasadena, Calif. Proposed by a 14-year old, the No Cussing Week is meant to remind citizens to be more civil.

McKay Hatch, the founder of South Pasadena Highโ€™s No Cussing Club, became fed up with the language around him his junior year. The club was a way to fight back, and now itโ€™s catching on around the city.

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  1. awesome my town did that but my next door neightboor they don’t care so every time they cuss day or night i get a bullhorn and go 2 their front door and scream very loudly in2 bullhorn don’t cuss

  2. hey there a message for New Zealand. great job^^ i love the fact that someone has finally stood up to the swearing and cursing and made a club (thats now world wide) DONT CUSS!!!. hopefully now the world will get the true essence of language back.

    Good Job ๐Ÿ™‚ :L

  3. Hi Im from Sydney Australia. Way to go!!!!! Swearing and Cursing isn’t cool YOU ARE. Good luck “Don’t Cuss”. Some-one should of started this years ago!!! THREE CHEERS FOR McKAY HATCH.

  4. Hey hun wat you are doing is so great! My 12th grade history class had a really huge talk about what you are doing. Our teacher gave us copies of articles about you! It’s amazing how so much can be done when your heart is put it into it! Keep up the fantastic work! I wish you well! ;]

  5. Today was the first I had heard about this club. I feel that what this young man has done should be seen as an inspiration for our youth. I think that it is absurd that people have criticized him and the other members of this club for taking such a stance. Their arguement for the violence and negativeness on television has been if you don’t like it turn the channel, well the same can be applied here. If you don’t like seeing something good and positive, go surf somewhere else.

  6. You and your club, McKay, are heroes in every sense of the word because heroes do make a difference. I hope other middle schools and high schools across the nation and around the world follow your example. (Is the word reaching the elementary schools? Some of those students would even make a sailor blush.) A no cussing policy encourages a higher level of thought and intelligent speaking. And, DUDE, I’m really diggin’ the rap! =)

    One more thing: This is a fantastic example of “a Scout is clean.”

  7. Showbusiness people should listen to this Young Man! Movies today are filled with foul word they think it’s cool. cussing an cursing is so prevalent these days that it seems to be a part of the integral language of American.

  8. This is awesome and inspiration.

    Thank you for reminding us that we have a wider and intelligent vocabulary as civilized human beings.

    I think the people who cuss around me just want all the attention and they want to impose the “shock value” of their cussing to other people.

  9. Thanks for your courageous example. Foul language makes a person so ugly! Part of making a better world is making a more beautiful world–cleaning up dirty mouths is part of that!

  10. Way to go Mackay!

    Wow! It takes a young kid to teach the adults a thing or two. You are one brave, incredible youth. Where do kids get the bad language from (and other bad behavior)? From the adults around them, and from grownups who produce/write TV shows, movies, and write literature. Even PG movies these days have too much toilet humor and cussing slipped into them. What is this world coming to?

    The good new is…I see that many of your supporters are young people like yourself. Good for them and God bless you,

  11. Way to go you are such a good example to youth all over the world and if your town can do it so can mine I WILL pass it on keep going get more and more peopel to join for you truely are an EXAMPLE!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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