6 Tech Features Changing the Auto Industry


These cool new upgrades and add-ons are coming soon(ish) to a showroom near you. In some cases, they are already being implemented in new cars. Take a look, and be sure to let me know which one is your favorite in the comments section.

Lane Monitoring

Even the most careful and cautious drivers can get distracted. It’s moments like these when automatic lane monitoring can be lifesaving. The new technology provides a combination of exterior sensors and steering motors to help keep vehicles between the lines.

Parking Assistance

Parallel parking has always been one of the most frustrating parts of driving. Now cars can give drivers a helping hand by auto-steering into particularly tight spots. You can take your hands off the wheel and let the car do the work. All the driver has to do is control the gas and brake pedals.

Remote Control

You’ve heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” Now it’s even true for your car. Many automakers are providing smartphone apps that can track a car’s location, unlock its doors, start the engine or even crank up the AC.

Windshield Displays

Head-Up Display (HUD) technology projects important dashboard info onto the windshield, letting drivers monitor performance without looking away from the road. This feature is still rare, but you can expect it to be commonplace by 2020.

Exterior Airbags

Airbags have been protecting passengers for decades. But what about airbags that protect the car’s exterior? Automakers are starting to test exterior airbags that do just that. Even better: They should keep pedestrians safer, too.

Crash Prevention

No matter how good a car’s airbags or rear crumple zones are, collisions can still cause major damage to you and your car. Manufacturers are addressing this with a focus on crash avoidance technology, allowing the car to sense and react to oncoming traffic on its own.

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