Scout Saves Maldives President

The President of Maldives was saved from assassination when a 15-year-old Boy Scout grabbed an attacker’s knife.

Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Wearing a blue scout uniform, Mohammed Jaisham Ibrahim was among many waiting to greet the country’s leader Tuesday. Ibrahim acted when an attacker lunged out of the crowd with a knife.

The president was unhurt in the attack, but Ibrahim was cut on the hand. Security guards then stepped in, and Ibrahim was flown to the Maldives capital of Male to have his hand stitched.

Scouts in Maldives are similar to those in the United States. They receive training in first aid and participate in outdoors activities.

Click here to read more about this courageous Scout in Maldives.


  1. That sure some inspiring story that ought to be put in boy’s life’s “Scouts in action”

    there’s an issue from the 50’s that shows bravery of Danish scouts. that means it doesn’t have to be american scout’s all the time. but why is it almost always american scouts?

  2. That is very brave and courageous. If (the Scouts) had not been there…:( Ibrahim must have been proud. It’s what Scouts do.

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