No Road? No Problem For This ATV!



You’re rocketing down a dusty trail at 45 miles per hour, when suddenly there’s a big lake between you and your destination. No worries — with just the push of a button, the Gibbs Quadski can handle it.

In five seconds, the Quadski morphs from an all-terrain vehicle to personal watercraft, retracting its wheels and becoming completely water-capable. The world’s first high-speed amphibious vehicle is powered by a 175 horsepower, four-cylinder engine — the same one found on the speedy BMW K1300 motorcycle.

Gibbs also took the same high-speed amphibious tech from the Quadski and beefed it up for a pair of bigger vehicles: the 21-foot-long Humdinga, which carries up to seven people, and the massive Phibian, a four-wheel-drive amphitruck capable of carrying 15 passengers.

The U.S. military, lifeguards, and search-and-rescue teams around the country are interested in the capabilities of these vehicles, but all we see is lots of fun. – Mark Anders



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