Mount Rushmore To Add A New Face!


As you’ve probably heard by now, legendary U.S. monument Mount Rushmore will be adding an all-new face to its already impressive facade in 2017. The Mount Rushmore Expansion Society has been debating the possible candidates for two years, but the decision proved tougher than they thought.

In fact, the decision was so tricky they asked American citizens to help narrow down the potential candidates. More than 200,000 people voted for their favorite American icons.

Here are the final results:


That’s right! Benjamin Franklin won the popular vote by a landslide. The Founding Father beat out some stiff competition that included Albert Einstein, King Tut and even Derek Jeter.

So, what will the monument look like once Franklin’s likeness is added? Lucky for us, the Mount Rushmore Expansion Society has already released their architectural plans for what the renovated monument will look like upon completion.

Projected Facade:


UPDATE: April Fools!



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  1. When I first saw this I was like… “What??? Didn’t the man that built it, *ahem* carved it, die before he could finish???” Then when I saw the name “Pedro Ordep”, I thought, “Pedro’s not real!!!!! How could he possibly be on MOUNT RUSHMORE?!?!” So yeah, I was fooled for quite some time there.

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