McDonald’s carrots taste better

Everything tastes better if it’s in a McDonald’s wrapper — at least according to preschoolers.

Researchers let kids taste identical food, some in McDonald’s wrappers and some in plain wrappers. Even though the food was exactly the same, the food in the McDonald’s wrappers always won the taste test.

For example, 77 percent of kids said the French fries in the McDonald’s wrapper tasted best while only 13 percent preferred the exact same fries in the plain wrapper.

And 54 percent preferred McDonald’s-wrapped carrots versus 23 percent who liked the plain-wrapped sample.

Click here to read more about the study.


  1. its probably because the mcdonalds wrapper reminds preschoolers of the toys that you get in the happy meals!!!!!!!!!

  2. thats really weird they probably associate it with McDonald’s things like toys and stuff

    and “stink bob” it was an experiment and researchers probably can get stuff most people can’t

    tune in next time to find if McDonald’s is taking over the world :-O

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