Make Your Own Movie

freshfilmsFresh Films is a filmmaking program that lets teens replace the pros. Through May 18, apply online to join one of nine film crews. Those chosen will make a festival-quality film in just seven days. Then the movies will debut, and millions across America will view and vote to determine the winner, whose film premieres at the American Film Institute’s AFI Fest Hollywood.

Click here to apply.


  1. It is only 14 and up and I am 13!!! I have a good horror movie idea, and I wish that I could do this.

  2. Some Disney movies are great to use as models on how to make movies that have live actors and overlay animation such as the movie that has the theme song of Zippity Do Da, movies such as like Return from Witch Mountain or movies such as “Flubber” that uses flat face humor without ever using a “shock word”.

  3. Another Disney film that is a good model that shows the use of time-lapse movie photography is the Disney movie entitled, “The Shaggy District Attorney” or “The Shaggy D.A.”

  4. Some movies that are good models are movies that have enduring value or an enduring theme that people want to keep viewing the movie year after year after year and never grow tired of the movie. Some movies that have enduring value are Irving Berlin’s movie entitled, “Holiday Inn”, Miracle on 34th Street (both the United States Dollar version and the postage stamped letter version), and the movie entitled, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. These movies are movies that viewers never grow tired of because of their enduring value. Some of these movies are still viewed decades past their movie release year date.

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