Tree Sprouts in Man’s Lung

firtreeA 28-year-old Russian man had surgery to remove a tiny tree growing in one of his lungs. Artyom Sidorkin first went to the doctor after coughing up blood and suffering severe chest pains. An X-ray showed what looked like a cancerous tumor, and the doctors began operating. During the operation, the surgeon found a 5-centimeter fir tree growing inside of Sidorkin’s lung.

It’s believed Sidorkin inhaled a small seed, which then grew into the fir tree.

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  1. I think that that’s pretty cool, that a fir tree can grow in a human lung. But poor Artyom, it must have hurt a lot!

  2. you know when you swallow a watermelon seed they say that watermelons will grow out of your ears, but i guess things can grow inside a person’s lungs

  3. wow dang i really fell sorry for him all that because of a seed inhaled. i think ill were a mask from now on LOL

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