Is This The Best Lego Creation Ever?

What’s the most intricate, complicated and huge Lego creation that you’ve built?

It likely doesn’t compare to this highly-impressive Harry Potter-themed Lego creation that took more than a year to construct.

The 400,000-piece replica of Hogwarts school won the Best in Show and People’s Choice awards at BrickCon 2012, a massive competition for Lego builders.

Regardless is you’re a Lego or Harry Potter fan, you will appreciate this amazing creation. Take a look at a few photos from the monstrous castle below:







See all the photos here.


  1. p.s. It was clearly built by a master builder just look at those pieces if it were built by a common builder they would have to have connections with the LEGO group and or the LEGO company.

  2. Although I never was a Harry Potter fan, I must agree this was excellent!! I also must agree with Mr. timn that this was done by a master builder. Well done to whoever made this.

    But, I have also seen something just as good as this at a website called which is a website where Lego builders all over the world post pictures of their creations. Anyway, the other day I saw a huge creation of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings by another master builder on mocpages.. Needless to say, I was and am blown away but what people can do with simple building blocks…

  3. this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool (even tho im not a hary poter fan).Althou ive seen a STAR WARS thing which is even beter.

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