It’s #NationalVideoGameDay: What’s Was the First Video Game You Played?

No matter what you love to play now, there’s special place in every gamer’s heart for the one that got them hooked!

Whether it was something simple and classic, like Duck Hunt, or a game that drew you in for magical journey, like The Legend of Zelda, we want you to give a special shout out to the game that got you started.

Post your answer below, and check out this video to take a look at the (pre-Switch) history behind gaming mega-legend: Nintendo.



  1. love roblox jailbreak, bloxberg vids by poke ant flamingo napkinnate and more also roblox mad city and mining simulater

  2. the game i am addicted to right now is splatoon 2. you may read this after july 18, but the final splatfest has already happened:[

  3. First serious game that changed my life is “Metroid Samus returns “ for the 3ds
    If you have not played it yet, you are missing out on a masterpiece.

  4. I started on Nintendo 64’s Donkey Kong 64 (still haven’t beaten it yet—stupid arcade Donkey Kong level), so it will always have a place in my heart. But my favorites are the core Pokémon games and the LoZ games. I’ve only played to but I hope to get a copy of Ocarina of Time for Christmas for my Dad’s old 64.

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