Frog Jumping Contest

frog2.jpgThousands of frog wranglers showed up Sunday for California’s Calaveras County’s famous frog-jumping contest.

About 4,000 contestants entered the annual Jumping Frog Jubilee this year.  According to the event’s organizers, that was twice as many as last year.

The annual event is inspired by “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” Mark Twain’s tale of a frog-jumping contest.

Winning frog owners get a $750 prize or $5,000 if their frog breaks the 1986 record of 21 feet, 5¾ inches set by Rosie the Ribeter.

To see this years winners and their frog jumping distances click here.


  1. I heard that one year they got a Goliath frog from Africa in that contest, and he more than doubled that record. But he was disqualified because he was so big he couldn’t quite fit on the 8-inch launching pad.

  2. i on tv they said the frogs can jump over 22 feet because they measure the total distance of the 3 jumps in a row from the “launch pad”

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