Flying Car

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the Transition Roadable Aircraft, a flying car developed by the engineering firm Terrafugia. The FAA had to provide a weight exemption, which was the final holdup. The Transition includes car-like features such as a safety cage, airbags and energy absorbing crumple zone, which make it heavier than other aircraft in its class.

The Transition can travel at about 100 miles per hour in the air and 65 to 70 miles per hour on land. It changes from car to plane in “about the same amount of time as putting down your convertible top.”

The Transition will cost $194,000 and be available in about 18 months.


  1. LOL of course its prop!!! Jet engines are illegal in some areas, and if you lived right next to a highway, would you really want to hear jets taking off all night?

  2. I think I saw that on the news.I think they said it will soon go in production.They Think It should

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