Drought Reveals Ancient Church

spanishchurch.jpgAn 11th-century Spanish church, once submerged in water, has become a tourist attraction since a drought made it accessible by land.

This ancient church had been the only visible sign of the village of Sant Roma. The bell tower and the top of an adjacent structure barely crept above the waterline of a reservoir.

A severe drought in the area has left this reservoir less than one-fifth its regular level. While tourists have flocked to the revealed ancient village, emergency measures have been adopted to have drinking water shipped to this area.

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  1. (seamonkey, atlatics is supposivly in the indian ocean.) WOW what a archaeological discovery. mother nature is nice to them now.

  2. that is sooooo cool!!!! (Indiana Jones, I know where atlantis is and it is in the Aegean Sea) (seamonkey, maybe it isn’t)

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