Dog Fights Cougar

A Canadian boy is lucky to be alive after a wild encounter in his backyard Saturday. Austin Forman, 11, was gathering firewood with Angel, the family’s golden retriever, when a cougar charged him. Angel quickly leaped between the charging animal and the boy.

Austin ran inside while Angel fought with the cougar. He told his mother what had happened, and she quickly called 9-1-1. A constable responded and killed the wild animal. Angel appeared fatally wounded and was rushed away to an animal hospital. Luckily, Austin’s faithful golden retriever survived with only a few deep bites and scratches.


    • Great dog! My dog would probably have defended me if that happened, but she is smaller so she would have died 🙁

    • Wouldn’t it be cool to have a dog like that? I mean, WOW! Dogs are so incredibly loyal, especially this one-I mean, Angel.

  1. that is totally weird how the dog didnt lose that fight. Cougars like to snap necks of its prey. But stay strong and be brave.

  2. Only God could help a dog fight a mountain lion and win!!!!!!!!!!!!! It amazed me that his dog would fight to the death for his master. I love cougars and know thet onlyu attack if they’re ravonous or rabid, so even if stories say they’re dangerous all the time, I’m not afraid of them. I’ve never even seen one! 🙂

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