Computers in the Car?

carcomputerEscaping the Internet is a difficult task these days, but it could get a little tougher in the coming years. The latest trend in car gadgets appears to be fully functional computers complete with Web access.

For instance, Ford will release a dashboard computer this year that is geared toward contractors and other businesspeople that need the Internet while working. Those who work in the car industry hope that these new developments will give automobile sales a lift.

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  1. its a real stupid idea to even think about putting a computer in a car its bad enough everyones on their cell phones causing accidents now this not a good idea at all just think of all the accidents waiting to happen!!!

  2. This may make us more addicted to computers, but it will help everything become able to be done on the run. The computers in a car is a genius idea for people such as engineers so they can pull up their plans on the internet when they get to the sight.

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