Check Out the New Mars Rover Concept Vehicle

In the last 40 years, NASA has successfully operated six unmanned landing craft and vehicles on the Martian surface. Now the space agency has created the next rover that will make it to the Red Planet.

It looks more like a Batmobile than a space vehicle with its giant globular tires, heavy armor plating and epic wheel stance. But it’s about more than just its looks.

First of all, this carbon fiber beast is humongous at 30 feet long and more than 10 feet high. Weighing in at 5,000 pounds, the vehicle can also split itself in two pieces, with one for a laboratory and the other for scouting purposes.

An electric motor powers the rover and draws its juice from a 700-volt battery and solar panels. Upfront the rover is GPS equipped and separates from the rear for agile scouting. The rear segment of the vehicle is a research station for fieldwork.

What do you think? Can you imagine this beast driving around the Martian surface?

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