The All-New Poptropica Worlds Game has Arrived

Poptropica Worlds is a reimagining of the safe, interactive, virtual learning world that was created by Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, more than a decade ago. The new version of the game is now available.

In Poptropica Worlds, you explore a chain of interactive story-based islands where they can travel back in time, battle monsters, solve mysteries and complete quests as their own personalised Poptropican avatar.

To celebrate the new Poptropica Worlds, there’s a new story island called Crisis Caverns, about a supervolcano that threatened to blow Poptropica sky high. You’ll learn about cool real-life volcanoes like the famous supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park, and get plenty of cool facts about geology, too.

What else is new? Players can now personalize their own fully customizable Home Island which acts as a familiar place when users login.

The game also features better game mechanics, greater customizability and great graphics.

Available on web, iOS and Android today, Poptropica Worlds is available to play for free and can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play.

Learn more here.

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