Can This Ping Pong Playing Robot Beat the World’s Best Player?

It’s almost getting to the point where all of my favorite Internet videos involve robots.

This one is no different. Check out one of the world’s best table tennis players, Timo Boll, play against the fastest robot on the planet.


    • your mom: honey finish your homework!!!!
      you: in a minute *turns on robot* *plays video games* *goes on 1 year campout*
      me: LOL

  1. In the middle of the video, it zooms out. There is a supercomputer running the robot. So the answer to your question is no, it’s not staged or fake. Although, it is a commercial.

  2. I wish that it would show the video regular, like, with no special effects or camera tricks. Just raw video.

  3. Wow that s insane at the end when he’s playing against 5!!!!!!!!

    Man, That guy would BEAST me at ping-pong, but i wonder who would win if we played Full-Size tennis!

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