Planning Your April Fools Pranks

April Fools Heading C

April Fools’ Day is almost here. That means it’s time for pranking! Need some tips? Try out these hilarious — but harmless — pranks.

TV No More


Take all the batteries out of the remote. When your parents or siblings go to watch their favorite shows, they’ll be hilariously confused.

Leaky Faucet

Place tape over parts of the faucet and wait. When your parents or siblings turn on the faucet, they’ll get soaked!

The Money Trail

If your kids are always searching for some cash, then this is the perfect prank. Attach a dollar bill to the end of a fishing reel or a long piece of string, and leave it on the ground. As they run toward the money, slowly pull it away. Keep going until there’s no slack left in the string.

Insect Lamps


Cut out a few insect shapes, and glue or tape them to the inside of a lamp shade. The effect will be spooky — and hilarious.


  1. Sweet! I so want to try one of those tomorrow. Those meatloaf cupcakes are convincing: I thought they were actually cupcakes before I read the recipe. Good stuff!

  2. Uuuggg! My mom won’t let me do ANY pranks unless they don’t startle people and don’t hurt people… that just leaves the totally lame ones!

  3. Before dinner I opened up the salt shaker and put tape on the holes. I can’t wait to see when someone tries the salt.

  4. put some water in a cup and put it over a door and make some1 walk through by sayin…. (there name) come here a sec i need to show you sumthin

  5. step #1: buy Oreo cookies
    step #2: take out the frosting
    step #3: put white toothpaste in the middle replacing the frosting
    step #4: put both of the cookie back on
    step #5: give to someone
    Have fun on 2013 with pranks

  6. tape the handle down on the water sprayer on the kitchen sink, and when someone turns on the sink they get sprayed

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