App of the Month: Duolingo 

Tired of solving puzzles and going after zombies? Want to learn skills you can use in the real world?

Here’s a suggestion that is fun and challenging. Try Duolingo, a language-learning app featuring 40 languages ranging from Arabic to Zulu to Klingon … yes, Klingon, the Star Trek language. It even has (American) English for those wanting to brush up on their local lingo. You simply choose which languages you want to learn and off you go.

Divided into hundreds of little lessons that can be finished in a matter of minutes, basic Duolingo is free for all to use with no hidden charges, though you might feel like paying them to escape advertisements after every lesson and practice. Check out the images below for an inside look at Duolingo. Tune in next month to see what new app we’ll have in store for you!

Written by Steven L. Kent
Duolingo for Android, iOS, PC, Mac


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