$5 Million Nickel

When is a nickel worth five million dollars? When it is a from 1913 with the head of Liberty on one side and a large V on the other.

This nickel once belonged to Louis Eliasberg who is the only person known to have assembled a complete collection of every United States coin by date and mint mark. There are only five known coins like this.

This nickel is the second-highest price ever paid for a single coin. In 2002, a 1933 $20 gold piece was bought for $7.59 million.

What special coins do you have? Tell us about it in the comments field below.


  1. Wow! That’s a lot of money! I don’t think that any of my coins are worth that much, although I do have a chinese whatever-you-call-it that’s about 25 years old. (I think)

  2. 5 million dollars! I have some valuable ones but not that much. I have a 1942 linclon cent and that is it.

  3. I am a coin collector. my collection contains the following:

    A silver dollar dated 1883

    A silver dollar dated 1921

    A silver dollar dated 1998

    A silver dollar dated 1976

    A 2000 penny

    A 2000 nickel

    A 2000 dime

    A 2000 half dollar

    A 2000 dollar

    2000 quarters

    (All the 2000 coins are in a display case.)

    A buffalo nickel

    Several wheat pennies

    The new Washington quarter

    And several coins from different contries (Mexico, Spain, Canada, Israelie, England, Korean, and some language I can’t read.

    How much do y’all think this would sell? I will not sell my collection, just wondering.

  4. i have a HUGE collection of international paper $ and coins i even have a big coin from the ming dynasty (worth a lot of $$$$$!!!!!)

    i would like 1 of those nickels though!

  5. I have a Liberty head V nickel, but it’s not from 1913 and it’s not worth $5 million! I also have several Morgan dollars from the early 1900s, three Mercury dimes, a 1995 S mark proof set, and a $5 gold piece that I could sell for a lot more than $5 since it’s real gold. I have miscellaneous coins from Africa that are worth almost nothing, some small change in pre-Euro European currency (like French francs, German marks, etc.) and WWII-era 2-franc piece and a 1-franc piece.

  6. i collect coins I have a 1932 silver quarter

    a Indian head penny a lot of wheat head pennies i am collecting all the state hood quarters

    and i have a lot of coins from different country’s a couple from the 1800’s and a few might be silver

  7. Wow! I would love to get A Million for 1 of my coins. I found a Gold 1998 Dime. I have two copper Nickels; a 1940, and a 1982. I have a Elizabeth 11 Regina (African) Gold 1D coin with a ship on the back of it. I have a 1945, 1934, 1950; i have 7-2009 pennies, and 3-2000 pennies. I have a sliver Elizabeth 11 regina 1945, and 2005 coin; along with 13 other Elizabeth 11 Regina 1 cent ( K G ) coins. What is the value of my coins?

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