41 Hours In Elevator

elevator.jpgVideo has surfaced of a man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. It was Oct. 15, 1999, when the incident occurred, but the recently released video has become an Internet sensation.

Nicholas White was working on a Friday night at New York’s McGraw-Hill building when he left to take a break. Since it was the weekend, no one noticed that the elevator was not moving.

The time elapsed video shows White climbing the walls, prying open the doors and curled up in the fetal position.

Click here to watch.


  1. Wow I would HATE to be that guy man he must have been so hungry and thirsty after that!

    P.S. Ya first comment!

  2. Being stuck in an elevator is really traumatic. Certain people might not even survive that long without water. Luckily he wasn’t stuck in a dense forest though, or he might have delt with circumstances that were a lot more life threatining.

    This a really teriffic and interesting story that definitely inspires me. Thank you, Boy’s life for sharing it.

  3. omg, i wouldn’t survive that long without my precious food lol!!!

    that would freak me out, man

    p.s. 3rd comment oh yeah

  4. Man dude , being starved and thirsty for 41hours (not to mention that thats 1 hour from two days) would be horrible!!!!!!!!

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