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The holiday season is here, and Christmas waits only 16 nights away. What’s on your wish list this December? And are you giving a gift that excites you? Answer in the comments section below.


  1. I get to give my mom a gift this year still kinda unsure what its ganna be but I know she will be very happy cause this year I was a good boy and did some work for my moms friends and they gave me a few dollars. So I cant waite to see her face to know she didnt have to buy it this year.But on my wish list I would just like a game my mom and i can play together we have a day during the week we like to get together and do something but lately she’s been sick so we dont go out any more.Thank You and may all your wishes come to this Christmas as well.

  2. I want for my younger sister:A nintendo DS,and the games:”New Super
    Mario Bros.”,and “Mario and luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story”.For me
    I want these games for my game boy: “Sonic Advance 2”,and “Super
    Mario land”.

  3. I want my subscription to Boys Life magazine renewed for Christmas and I want my subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine renewed for Christmas this year.

  4. I want a new pair of Boy Scout uniform long pants for Christmas this year. The pair of Boy Scout uniform long pants that I received last Christmas are a little too short for me now and don’t fit right. Two weeks ago during one of our camping trips, I leaned down to pick something up from the ground and a couple of seams on my uniform pants split open.

  5. I really want an ipod. My brother has one but he lost his charger. I also really want a goose feather pillow. They are soooo comfy. I’m gonna make my dad a calender and a book of all my poems (I love writng poetry.) Hey, I know how to do that kind of stuff. Merry Christmas to all!!

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