Golden Donations

Anonymous donors in Indiana have pitched more than just nickels and dimes into the Salvation Army’s storefront kettles. Gold coins have turned up in the big red receptacles in the Hoosier State towns of Mishawaka and Kokomo.

First, someone tossed a 1-ounce gold coin into a kettle outside a Mishawaka Sam’s Club. The coin came wrapped in a $100 bill, which also contained a note thanking the Salvation Army for “doing God’s work.”

Then, at Kokomo’s Markland Mall, a South African Krugerrand coin worth more than $1,400 turned up in the donation bin. While the gold coins are appreciated, donations are running behind this season. Look for the giant red kettles this holiday season, and don’t hesitate to give some change (or a gold coin) to help the cause.


  1. My sister works for the salvation army and she had too stand out and jingle bells once but I don’t think she got any gold coins. 😉
    but thats cool.

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