World’s longest knotted rope chain

More than 800 Scouts in Virginia worked together last weekend to break the world’s record for the “longest knotted rope chain made in five minutes.”

By tying ropes together with square knots, they created a rope that was 5,463.6 feet long and contained more than 2,000 pieces of cord.

The rope would have been even longer with 8,000 pieces of cord, but several granny knots interrupted the chain. Still, the Scouts broke the old record by more than 184 feet.

The knot-tying event was part of the Aquia District Fall Camporee near Haymarket, Virginia.

Click here to read more about how they pulled off the record.


  1. This was the MOST awesome event! Besides being at a great camporee with good scouts and great food, they had knot tying stations were we learned new knots like the Alpine Butterfly and their useful applications.

  2. Yeah I was really fun I was excited my troop an all of the other troops/packs were there to help break the world record. The gateway compation was really fun we came in second plece, but lets get back to the World Record and because every cub scouts and boy scouts worked together they used teamwork, because with out all the troops and packs there we would not have broken the World Record. I was glad that Guinnes World Record’s Was there! I really liked the Apline Butterfly, Shear lashings, Square lashings, bowling, and the rescue line.

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