Scouts rescue injured hiker

By making a stretcher out of tree branches and their sweatshirts, a Boy Scout troop was able to rescue an injured hiker and carry her three miles to medical help.

The eight Scouts from Troop 226 in Rockledge, Penn., came upon the injured woman as they were hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail on Saturday. The woman was bleeding and feeling woozy after falling and hitting her head.

Using their first-aid training, the Scouts helped the woman and carried her down the trail until they were met by medics. She was airlifted by helicopter to a local hospital where she was treated for a concussion and cuts and bruises, then released Sunday.

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  1. I bet the parents of these young people are very proud! What great people to do such a wonderful thing! Think of all that scouting taught them. If this is what they are able to contribute to society in their teenage years, think of all they can do in the future. Good job, Scouts! Good job, Scout Leaders!

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