World War I Vet Dies

One of only three remaining U.S. veterans of World War I has died. J. Russell Coffey, 109, passed away this week in Ohio.

Coffey was born on Sept. 1, 1898, and enlisted in the Army while studying at Ohio State University. He joined in Oct. 1918, but didn’t see any action. A cease-fire agreement was reached only a month after Coffey enlisted.

Coffey played semipro baseball and earned degrees from Ohio State and New York University. He taught high school and college. Coffey drove his car until he was 104, and he lived on his own until three years ago.

Frank Buckles, 106, of West Virginia and Harry Landis of Florida are now the only two known U.S. veterans of World War I still living.

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  1. now is one of those times where we need to SERIOUSLY ge to work on the life extension tech. either that or find some way to bring dead people back to life.

  2. wow, this is saddenning. A last remmanescant of a man fighting for our freedom and a democracy from WWI died. 🙁 Alas we should keep him in thought and not take veterans forgranted.

  3. I study war.I’ve learned war, is not a pretty thing. My grandpa served as a marine in Vietnam.He’s told me things about war, that no man should have to endure. I honor all vets.

  4. Veterans have a special place in my family’s hearts, I come from a long line of millitary veterans. I’ll keep him in my thoughts.

  5. This is very sad. I don’t know much about WWI but I do know that WWII was very bloody and awful. I hope all war ends soon. War is scary.

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