What’s On Your List?

Christmas is coming soon, speeding quickly down the calendar’s path with jingle bells ringing and gifts in tow.

What’s on your list? If you don’t know yet, you only have 26 days to figure it out. That’s 624 hours or 37,440 minutes or — if you can count this high — 2,246,400 seconds. Whew … it’s tiring just thinking about it.

So what’s it going to be? Do already know? Will you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Are you bursting with anticipation? Feel free to post your thoughts here.


  1. i want a wii, another controller for the wii (makes 2),a memory card for it,battalion wars2, and maybe an electric guitar

  2. I want COD4MW for the DS and Resident Evil Gaiden. Also the new Pokemon CD and all the sims expainstion packs. Mom says I’m going to be a sad little boy on the 25th.

  3. I want the original game of “risk”, and The “lego star wars episodes 1, 2, 3” game for my Gamecube.

  4. I’d like some money, an I-tunes gift card, and a six month subscription to World of Warcraft (I can already hear you all saying “good luck with that…”.) And a longer snow season so I can go skiing more.

  5. Id like a ferarri,a 60 inch flatscreen tv,a ps3 an xbox360 some games like dawn of war and the new grand theft auto game,and candy, lots and lots of candy. [great list eh?]

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