Explore Antarctica On Your Computer

The Southernmost continent in the world now waits for your eyes thanks to the Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (or LIMA, for short). It is an interactive map made of satellite photos taken by NASA and other organizations.

Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth, has long been a destination for scientists and explorers anxious to discover what this far-away land has to offer. Thanks to these pieced-together satellite images, you no longer have to put on long johns and a parka to see Antarctica.

The map is so detailed you can pinpoint an area no bigger than most classrooms. A NASA statement says the new map is like watching high definition television compared to grainy black-and-white.

Don’t hesitate — this new innovation waits for you to put it to use. So check out Antarctica, and don’t worry about bundling up.

Click here to explore this remote continent using the hi-res, interactive map.


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