Dino Tracks Found in Utah

Scientists have been alerted to a number of different dinosaur tracks in a Utah area known for recreational vehicle use.

A popular area for sporting citizens to play with off-road toys, many already knew about the three-toed tracks.  The Bureau of Land Management did not. When it was informed the tracks existed, the Bureau closed off an area in Southern Utah about the size of a football field.

Among the tracks discovered were those belonging to a “sharp-toothed and clawed carnivore” and a three-toed crocodile. In all, thousands of tracks have been found that are 190 million years old. Utah is known as an area where Jurassic fossils and tracks can be found.

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  1. Correction: It’s BELIEVED to be 190 million years old. I heard a theorie once that carbon dating is innacurate once you get passed the flood.

  2. actually carbon dating is really inaccurate it said new rock from Mt.Saint Helens (when it erupted) was 20 million years old when it was less then 20 years old

    and i heard that the tested two parts of a mammoth and they were a couple million years apart

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